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網絡遊戲 Z-WAR

網頁遊戲 Z-WAR 在線

[12.01.2012], 補充說:(一): sveta-bul
這場比賽看: 707

描述瀏覽器的在線遊戲 Z-WAR:
Online game Z-WAR - a bright, free multiplayer flash game which has a very exciting plot, where people confront bloodthirsty zombies. A Brief History of the plot that unfolds in this game: So, it all started with the corporation Zion-Technology Corp., Which is engaged in the production of pharmaceuticals and that in the mid-2000s began a partnership with the UK Ministry of Defence. By the end of 2000th of experimental drugs accidentally falls (and maybe not coincidentally) in the hands of a religious organization, who called themselves as "anger of the Lord." And soon an unknown virus epidemic covering the UK, and then other countries in the world. Mankind was on the verge of extinction, as people infected by this dangerous virus that turned into bloodthirsty zombies. Uninfected together in small groups and are resistant to the zombies. In some other little one goal - to survive.
Now most of the online game War-Z: before you find yourself in a world of bloodthirsty zombies, you have to start the game before, began as a tragedy. Join in the game Z-WAR give you the opportunity to choose a profession of any employee, such as regular dealer, doctor or police officer, teacher or scientist, but other than that will need to choose another faction to which you belong after the accident, that is, You must decide for themselves who will, zombie or a normal person.
Let us consider in more detail in each fraction Z-WAR online game, so: Zombies - it's essence, that flesh and blood thirst, theirs target to kill, then that would eat its prey. Playing at the side of a zombie, you have to comb the malls, break into houses uninfected, in search of living flesh, or arrange fishing on the street. You can make an attack either alone or in groups, together with his friends, zombie. It is true that caught the victim will need to share, in the case of collective hunting. In War-Z online, zombie character can level up quite well, perfecting his skills, making your pet more advanced.
About people - those who managed to survive in the infected world, to defend themselves and their pockets of settlements from the attack of bloodthirsty zombies, beat their captured territory, and make a life-threatening attacks in their habitats, to maximize the destruction of these creatures. Playing the game Z-WAR online, you have the possibility of a large selection of weapons for the war with the zombies, ranging from knives, pistols and ending with machine saws. There's also a fairly good selection of equipment, which can not fail to please, playing in the Z-WAR.
We should also mention that the game Z-WAR of the characters is the energy that is spent on the different actions of your character, so you need to be with her extremely careful not to use it in vain. If you're ready to play online game Z-WAR, Z-WAR go register and start their labors, in this dangerous world!

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